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Gardening Tools

For the novice gardener, purchasing your first set of gardening tools may feel a bit confusing. You may be tempted to buy every gardening tool you can find, but if you are just starting out in gardening, you are not likely to need every tool right away. Instead of buying the whole shop, start with a few basic gardening tools.

To start you’ll need a round point shovel, garden shovel, rake, trowel, bucket, watering can, hoe, and gardening gloves. As you get more experienced at and more serious about gardening, you will probably want to buy more gardening tools. It makes the most sense to learn as you go and acquire more gardening tools, piece by piece, as you need them. Some of the other common gardening tools include irrigation shovels, square point shovels, transplanting spades, scoop shovels, d-handle shovels, barn forks, spading forks, garden hoes, weeding hoes, warren hoes, cultivators, bow rakes, level head rakes, pruning shears, hedge shears, lopping shears, trowels, wheelbarrows, picks and mattocks, and pruning saws. Read gardening books, magazines, and websites to learn which garden tools are best for each type of gardening project and purchase tools accordingly.

If you have a child who would like to help you in the garden, there are a wide variety of pint sized gardening tools that actually work. These tools are simply smaller gardening tools designed to fit better into smaller hands. Children love having their own tools and nothing will make them work harder on a gardening project than feeling a part of it, with equipment designed just for them.

Take good care of your gardening tools to ensure they last longer. Always clean all the soil off your tools after each use. Dry your tools thoroughly as it is best to avoid storing them wet. Be sure to clean your gardening tools well after using chemical gardening applications. Most of all enjoy your gardening project.

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