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Hardware Stores

Remember when hardware stores were commonly little mom and pop style establishment on the corner in your neighborhood? Years ago, small family owned and operated brick and mortar shops were the mail places to go for hardware. Boy, have times changed. Old time hardware stores have since been replaced with huge, mega stores that rival the even the most popular discount department store chains.

Today’s hardware stores are actually referred to as home improvement and renovations supply stores. These stores no longer stock just the regular hardware basic. Now, they carry everything from quarter inch nails to Jacuzzi bathtubs. Today, you can just as easily spend a couple of hours happily browsing though the new hardware store replacements as you can your local supermarket.

In addition to mammoth sized home improvement stores, traditional old-fashioned hardware stores have been replaced largely by Internet stores. Why would anyone want to drag him or herself out to the local hardware store to wait in line for what they need, when they can purchase all the hardware supplies they need on the Internet? Shopping on the Web means no waiting in line, no searching shelves for the right size nut. Instead, with just a click of a mouse you can instantly pop all the nuts and bolts you need into your shopping cart. No exercise need be involved, unless you count typing in your contact information as exercise.

Traditional hardware stores do still have a place in the world, however. There are times when you just want to see a friendly face or talk face to face about a project you are working on. Maybe you just want to walk around the corner to buy a screwdriver sometimes instead of driving to the closest home improvement store. Keep in mind however, the fact that the local hardware store just may offer online ordering as well. Log on and see!

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