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Heating and Cooling

Purchasing heating & cooling systems are some of the most critical investments you will ever need to make. Maybe you are purchasing a new home or perhaps you are renovating your current home. Maybe you are simply replacing old equipment that has stopped working. Regardless of you reasons, your personal comfort, safety, and financial health are at stake when you purchase new heating & cooling equipment.

You can drastically lower heating & cooling costs by purchasing equipment that has energy-efficient as possible. The EnergyGuide label found on home heating and cooling equipment is designed to help you choose the most energy-efficient equipment for your budget and individual needs. These cool labels provide a sort of at a glance summary of the energy and usage information manufacturers are required to provide with their products.

Keep the air clean and dust-free with an air purifier in each room, you will feel better breathing in clean air.

On each EnergyGuide label you can find important information such as manufacturer and model number, information about features, capacity, and size, and the energy efficiency rating for the product. The energy efficiency rating lets consumers know how energy-efficient the equipment is and provides a way to compare the costs of operating it. Higher energy efficiency ratings mean more energy-efficiency and fewer costs to operate the product.

EnergyGuide labels also provide other useful information like the range of energy efficiency ratings for similar models. This scale shows the range of ratings for similar models from less efficient to more efficient. Extremely beneficial, this scale allows for the comparison of a particular model to the competition.

The next time you are in the market for new heating & cooling equipment, make sure you pay attention to the EnergyGuide label you see. Although all such products must meet minimum Department of Energy standards for energy efficiency, many products exceed the minimum and therefore cost far less to run. If you want to save money in the long run, don’t overlook the EnergyGuide label.

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