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Power Tools

Taking care of your power tools is just as important as knowing how to use them. Each year there are a number of accidents, resulting in trips to the emergency room or doctors office, caused by power tools. Many of these accidents can be prevented by using and storing power tools properly.

Start by reading all the manufacturer instructions supplied for each of your power tools. Make sure you understand how to use each tool properly, are aware of any recommended safety precautions, and know what to do in the event of an emergency. If the instructions suggest the use of protective gear like gloves or goggles, make sure you use them. It may take a few extra minutes to put these things on, but your safety is well worth it. Check your power tools over well before you use them. Make sure all pieces are in good working order. Don’t overlook the cord, switch, and any safety mechanisms. Do not use your power tools for anything other than their intended uses.

Your work area is very important when you are using power tools as well. Make sure your work area is well lit and free of obstacles you could trip over. Your work area should be dry as well. Working with power tools in damp or wet conditions can be an outright hazard. Avoid wearing jewelry that dangles, loose clothing, or accessories when working with power tools.

When you are done using your power tools it is important to store them properly. Keep your power tools in a clean, dry location that is not up over your head. Make sure they are completely out of the reach of children. Last, but not least, take the time to ensure you have fully disconnected the power tools from the electrical supply before you walk away.

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